Video: Nick Diaz Tells A Street Fight Story While Smoking Weed With Friends


Photo Credit: Nick Diaz

This is one of the best Nick Diaz stories of all time… and it hasn’t been heard by many.

Diaz is out in the woods with his bike and boys smoking weed and he tells one of the most entertaining tales ever.

He talks about how he got jumped by two 240 pound brothers that he describes as “Two Big Ass Fedors” who stab him with a pen!

You gotta come inside and see this video…

Nick Diaz Tells Story On Getting Jumped By Two Guys In The Streets

It’s pretty hilarious how he says he got his ass beat then defends himself and says that the two dudes were in life trauma trouble, and that he was alright then goes on to say well, I was stabbed, that’s pretty bad!

“…Now his brother Bam-Bam trains with us..He’s huge a big ass cornbred Mo’fer! I ain’t no bitch, they were two big ass Fedors!”


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