Video Interview: Nick Diaz Returns from Retirement, Signs 3 Fight Contract

Video Credit: UFC

I believe UFC pushed for this deal to happen and finally gave Nick Diaz what he wanted: 500k per fight.

These aren’t facts but Diaz has constantly said he would only fight for a minimum of 500k per fight and lets face it, the UFC is going through some HARD times with guys like Anderson Silva, GSP retired or on huge layoffs.

UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez hasn’t fought in over a year, and their biggest star right now is Ronda Rousey. Connor McGregor is probably the only guy that’s making some noise and bringing excitement at this point.

Dana White knew he had to make a move to get things going again, and as a Nick Diaz fan I can’t wait to see him in the octagon again!

Who would you like to see him fight? I think the loser of Robbie Lawler vs Matt Brown would be ideal since they are both strikers and Dana has already said that the winner would be fighting Johny Hendricks for the welterweight title.

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