Video Interview: Josh Thomson Rants About His Respect For The Diaz Brothers And Video Of Him On Blind Date!


Photo Credit: UFC

Josh Thomson came over from Strikeforce without much hype.

I knew he was a good fighter with decision wins over Gilbert Melendez and K.J. Noons. (Yes he in fact did have a decision win over Melendez in 2008 but lost the rematch by split decision in 2012)

But lets be honest, hardly no one really expected him to come to the UFC and K.O. Nate Diaz to become one of the top contenders in the Lightweight division.

Although I do have to mention I would love to see that fight happen again because I don’t think he will be able to capitalize for another K.O. and I doubt he will be able to strike his way to a decision against Diaz.

Come inside to hear the video interview from Dan The Wolfman (A big fan of the Diaz brothers) with Josh Thomson.

Josh Thomson talks on how he always was a fan of the Diaz brothers, his recovery from injuries, and when he will be able to fight again (Start watching around 2:30 to skip to his respect for the Diaz brothers)

Video Credit: Dan The Wolfman

Oh yeah, sorry Josh but I had to do it:

So did anyone know he was on blind date? Yes he was, check it out below if you care!

Looks like Josh doesn’t kiss on first dates.

The girl wanted some action but Thomson likes to take it slow…

Not sure if I blame him… even though she calls herself a hell of a catch, I tend to disagree with her statement.

Are you with Josh on his call to act shy and not hurt her feelings or you think somethings wrong with um?!

I could see some hardcore MMA fan saying, “Whats wrong with you man?!?! Just bang bro!!!!”

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