Video Interview: Josh Thomson Interview with Megan Olivi

Video Credit: UFC

The beautiful Megan Olivi interviews Josh Thomson for a good 10 minutes, not only is she pretty sexy for an interview girl but she also asks some great questions.

Josh Thomson talks about everything even how he has to block out family and friends who want to hang out during his training camp: check it out at 2:07 of the video.

He talks about when they ask for tickets he refers them to google, I don’t know about all that but if I were his family i’d take that as in insult. But at the same time you gotta respect a man that’s getting ready to go to war with another fighter that wants to take his head off.

Thomson talks about his win over Nate Diaz, the new gym he opened up called Dash Cardio Studio, and how he felt he was robbed by the judges against Ben Henderson.

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