Video: GSP Talks About Alien Encounters


This is about as strange as it gets when it comes to news in MMA, Georges St-Pierre has claimed to have contact with aliens.

The rumor all began when GSP admitted to being scared of being abducted by aliens on a countdown show, but on the Joe Rogan Podcast he claims to have strange experience with losing track of time and hours passing by in seconds.

He didn’t want to talk about it with Joe and tried changing subjects until Joe kept pressing and got some information out of GSP.

In the podcast, GSP looked literally genuinely convinced something weird is going on and leaning towards alien experiences while at the same time not wanting to share to much information with Joe in order to not hurt his career and disapoint his manager.

Come inside to see the crazy and entertaining video of GSP and Joe Rogan talking about UFO abductions!

Video: GSP Talks Alien Encounter with GSP (Skip to around 8:40 to get to the alien conversation)

Video Credit: Joe Rogan

Pretty crazy, Georges St-Pierre seems pretty serious about his feeling with being encountered by aliens and out of all people GSP is the last person that would make these claims just as a publicity stunt or for attention.

I personally think GSP genuinely has some issues more than just his self admitted OCD, maybe he’s just over thinking simple things like falling asleep and having weird dreams, which I’ve had myself but let it go as weird dreams not alien abductions.

Who knows tho…What do you think?

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