Video: Conor McGregor vs Rashad Evans

Video Credit: UFC on FOX

At around 2:55 of the video, Conor talks about looking at Rashad and sensing he had doubt in his eyes and then he calls him out and says “What ya got to say now?!”

McGregor says his favorite thing to do is “prove doubters like Rashad wrong” and he was basically calling Rashad out, letting him know that he was wrong and should feel like a fool for doubting him.

At 6:20, Rashad and Conor again get into it when Conor again brings up the fact that he doubted him and he’s been proved wrong saying “Believe me now Rashad, believe!”.

Evans gives him credit by saying “You don’t just talk, you back it up, I gotta give you props for that”.

At 6:50, McGregor says he doesn’t care about weight and that he would “swing to the cows come home” against Rashad who responds by playing it off in a joking manner, “Well fight after this”

Later at 7:55, Rashad Evans attempts to get back at Conor McGregor while he was in the middle of ranting by saying “Gimme this belt boy, you gotta earn this while I’m here” but McGregor instantly comes back by mocking Rashad saying “That’s what I’m talking about boy, that’s what I’m talking about boy!”

You can tell theres some tension there and Rashad was trying to throw him off by taking the belt from him, but McGregor seems to be as quick with his words as he is with his hands.

Here comes the crazy question: Who do you think would win in a freak match up of McGregor vs Evans?

I know it’s a huge weight difference but I’ve seen crazier things happen and the weight won’t help Rashad’s chin if he got caught.



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