Video: Alexander Gustafsson Doing Technical Sparring

Let me tell you something guys, just because Gustafsson got knocked out by probably the most vicious one punch KO artist in the UFC Anthony Johnson, does not mean he is not a title contender.

This guy almost beat Jon Jones in a fight I feel he was robbed.

He got caught by Anthony just as Cormier almost did in the first round of their fight, Anthony is just too explosive and powerful in the opening rounds until he tires out a bit.

This fight with Gustafsson will go the same as Jon Jones, Alex will stuff his takedowns but he will get MUCH the better of Cormier in the stand up as opposed to the Jones fight where it was a bit close.

Gustafsson had the better boxing in the Jones fight, while Jones landed more spinning sh*t as Nick Diaz would put it.

So if your a betting man, put that money on Gustafsson and thank me later, I know these things.



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