UFC Primetime: Georges St Pierre vs Johny Hendricks Video


Photo Credit: UFC

Inside is the great hype up series of Primetime for the UFC 167 main card fight Georges St Pierre vs Johny Hendricks.

Primetime always puts you inside the personal life of the fighters and shows you some quality footage of them training and preparing for battle.

This is the first episode of Georges St Pierre vs Johny Hendricks is pretty intriguing, it shows how obsessed Georges St Pierre is with beating Johny Hendricks, he goes to every detail to beat him and says he thinks about him while eating, going to the bathroom, etc..

Come inside to see the video of the Primetime Episode 1 of UFC 167 Johny Hendricks vs Georges St Pierre

UFC Primetime Ep 1: Georges St Pierre vs Johny Hendricks

Video Credit: UFC

Who you got winning this fight between Johny Hendricks and GSP?

I think if Hendricks can stop the takedowns which he has a good chance of doing being probably the most decorated wrestler GSP has ever faced, only guy I can think of that comes close to the wrestling of Hendricks is Josh Koscheck who GSP took down constantly.

I think Johny stands a good chance of catching GSP and putting him in trouble, but the safe bet is with GSP obviously.

But I won’t be surprised if Johny takes Georges out, he has all the tools with strong wrestling/TDD and probably the hardest hitter in the welterweight division.

Let me know who you got winning in the comments below.

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