Danny Castillo vs Edson Barboza Full Fight Video Highlights


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This match between Danny Castillo and Edson Barboza turned out to be one of the best fights of the night and won Fight of the Night honors.

Team Alpha Male’s Danny Castillo started off quickly stunning Edson Barboza with punches standing up and pounced on him laying a HUGE ground and pound beating on Edson Barboza.

Barboza managed to somehow (incredibly) sustain the onslaught and survive the first round, that had to be a 10-8 round in favor of the underdog Danny Castillo.

From there on the favorite Barboza was able to dominate the fight on the feet and win every round convincingly.

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Full Fight Video of Danny Castillo vs Edson Barboza

Video Credit: FOXSports

As you can see Castillo dominated the first round and almost finished the fight, but after that Barboza showed why he’s probably the most hyped up newcomer at 155.

Barboza is not only a skilled and polished striker, but he has some of the most explosive and fast kicks in the UFC… the guy is lightning quick and has the type of talent to win a belt in the UFC if he continues to work hard and evolve his all around game.

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