10/9/13:UFC Fight Night 32 Belfort vs Henderson Live Results


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UFC Fight Night 32 Belfort vs Henderson will be free on FOXSports1 which is usually part of your basic cable subscription and is in the higher channels.

The fights start at 8PM/5PM ETPT and will be taking place in Goiania, Brazil.

Come inside to see live play by play and fight results of UFC Fight Night 32 Vitor Belfort vs Dan Henderson taking place on November 9th!

UFC Fight Night 32 Belfort vs Henderson Live Fight Results


Main Event –  Dan Henderson vs Vitor Belfort:

Round 1: They start off taking their time feeling each other out without throwing a single punch. Belfort is circling to the left which is towards the power hand of Dan Henderson. Henderson finally tries to throw the first punch lunging in with a right hand that he throws half way, Belfort catches him right on the chin with a uppercut which drops Henderson immediatly. Belfort swarms him with an explosive barrage of punches looking for the finish. Henderson tries to keep him at bay while rocked and attempts an armbar. Belfort stands up breaking the armbar attempt and keeps throwing down punches. Henderson tries to stand up and Belfort catches him with a huge left roundhouse kick that lands clean right on Henderson’s head knocking him down. The referee Dan Miragliotta immediately jumps in and breaks them apart before Belfort can land anymore damage.

Official Decision: Vitor Belfort defeats Dan Henderson by KO (head kick) 1:17 into the first round.

Daniel Sarafian vs Cezar Ferreira:

Round 1: Sarafian starts off hunting down Ferreira trying to get in punching range. Ferreira circles around and Sarafian cuts him off and they engage in a clinch.  Sarafian has Ferreira pressed against the cage and works for the takedown. The brazilian crowd begins to boo as they clinch last for a good minute. The referee separates them and Sarafian lands a big right hand. Ferreira recovers and goes for a double leg that Sarafian defends. Ferreira now has Sarafian pressed against the cage with 2:23 left. Sarafian grabs ahold of Ferreira’s head and drops down as he goes for the guillotine choke. Ferreira escapes and gets up to his feet. Ferreira lands a series of kicks on Sarafian. Both of them are throwing with bad intentions. Sarafian cotinues landing hard right hands but Ferreira stands strong. They both continue to engage with each other throwing hard strikes. Round ends with both of them exchanging punches.

Very close round that could’ve gone either way.

FightStarMMA scores it 10-9 Sarafian.

Round 2: Ferreira manages to take Sarafian down and works from his guard. Crowd beings to boo again. Sarafian goes for the guillotine choke.  Sarafian lands a big right hand that shakes Ferreira. Sarafian gives him enough time to recover and then throws another barrage of strikes mixing leg kicks and haymakers. Ferreira survives and takes Sarafian down. Ferreira works from the half guard of Sarafian. No real action going on and the referee brings them up to the ground. Sarafian has him pressed against the clinch as the bell sounds ending the 2nd round.

This round seemed like a more convincing round for Sarafian because he pushed the pace and was able to hurt Ferreira with some big shots.

FightStarMMA scores it 10-9 Sarafian.

Round 3: Sarafian manages to land another big right hand to start off the 3rd round. Sarafian has found his distance with his right hand. Sarafian lands some dirty boxing against Ferreira with a barrage of punches coming out of a quick clinch. Ferreira manages to take Sarafian down after having no success in the stand up. Sarafian has Ferreira in his half guard. Ferreira lands some small punches that do little to no damage as Sarafian struggles to try and get to his feet. The brazilian crowd begins to boo, weird because that was about as much success as the fellow brazilian Ferreira had the whole fight. The referee stands them up and Ferreira immediatly takes him down again like “Want to stand it up, ok I’ll just take it where I’m comfortable again”. Crowd begins to boo again. Ferreira takes Sarafian’s back and Sarafian stands up as Ferreira attempts a rear naked choke with 30 seconds left in the fight. Ferreira screams and grunts trying to finish the rear naked choke as the bell rings.

FightStarMMA scores it 10-9 Ferreira

Official Result:  Cezar Ferreira defeats Daniel Sarafian by split decision.

Crowd begins to boo after the decision. Pretty weird, never seen a brazilian fighter in his hometown get booed after winning. He begins the interview as the crowd continues to boo him. I guess the brazilian crowd keeps it real even against their own people. I guess that tells the story of the fight, I really feel Sarafian won as did the brazilian crowd.

Rafael Cavalcante vs Igor Pokrajac:

Round 1: Igor Pokrajac pushes forward and engages Cavalcante in a clinch. Cavalcante gets control of Pokrajac’s head and beats him in his own game landing a huge knee which rocks Pokrajac and then Cavalcante follows up with a series of right hands that drops Pokrajac and ends the fight.

Official Result: Rafael Cavalcante defeats Igor Pokrajac by TKO (punches) with 1:18 left in the first round.

Paulo Thiago vs Brandon Thatch:

Round 1: Thatch reaches out to touch hands, Paulo stays serious and taps it like come on lets fight. Thatch comes in aggressive engaging and throwing wild hooks. Paulo starts to throw back. Thatch comes in aggressive with a knee and Paulo manages to take him down. Thatch gets up pretty quick and they engage in a clinch fighting for position.

Thatch lands a knee coming out of the clinch. Thatch starts engaging in a wild brawl while clinching with Thiago landing knees and punches. Thatch is dominating in the clinch but Thiago stays storng fighting back.

Thatch drops Thiago with a knee to the body and Paulo falls face first to the floor and taps before Thatch is able to do any further damage.

Thatch was about as aggressive as a fighter you will see and literally kept throwing and engaging until he landed that knee to the body that landed right on the liver of Paulo Thiago.

Official Result: Brandon Thatch defeats Paulo Thiago by knee KO (tap out due to strikes) with 2:10 left in the first round.

Santiago Ponzinibbio vs Ryan LaFlare:

Official results: Ryan LaFlare defeats Santiago Ponzinibbio by unanimous decision.

Jeremy Stephens vs Rony Jason

Jeremy Stephens defeats Rony Jason by KO (Head Kick) with 0:40 left in the first round.

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