UFC 169: Frank Mir vs Alistair Overeem Countdown Video


Frank Mir and Alistair Overeem was by far my favorite Countdown Video out of everyone featured in UFC 169.

It was interesting to see that Alistair Overeem has headed back to Thailand to train agian and Frank Mir insists that training hard is not the key to success in MMA, instead training smart.

Both these fighters are on a losing streak lately but if you watchted the fights you would see that one of them is losing decisvely and the other seems to be giving away fights.

Come inside to see UFC 169 Countdown Video of Frank Mir vs Alistair Overeem and get hyped up for the fights this Saturday! (I’ll also tell you why one of these guys is a lock pick for any of you betters out there!)

UFC 169 Countdown Video: Frank Mir vs Alistair Overeem Training and Interview

Video Credit: UFC/Zuffa

Frank Mir has lost 3 straight fights in the row against top competition in Junior Dos Santos, Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett. Wow, that’s seriously the best fighters in the division, you can’t really fault Frank Mir for that, those guys would beat anybody.

Overeem has lost 2 straight fights to Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Travis Browne.

Alistair was winning his fight against both these fighters before blowing the fight. Against Silva he began to taunt and drop his hands getting too confident and got caught by some big punches from Silva who ended the fight.

Against Travis Browne, Alistair had the fight almost won, it could’ve been stopped actually, but the referee let Browne fight and he managed to get on his feet after receiving a brutal beating following a huge knee that dropped him to the ground. Alistair seemed to have been almost in shock and got caught with a huge front kick that dropped him and Browne finished,

So we got Frank Mir who has faced the heavyweight divisions best fighters and lost decisively to all of them vs Overeem who has fought some top competition as well and looked to have been winning his fights until getting caught by a punch or kick.

My betting pick here is Overeem, I believe he’s as a lock as it gets on the UFC 169 card and the only chance Frank Mir really has is to catch Overeem with a submission on the ground.

The thing about that is that getting Overeem to the ground’s going to be virtually impossible for Frank Mir, this is the same man that stuffed a huge Brock Lesnar’s takedowns with ease before knocking him out.

As far as the old punchers chance, It’s hard to ever throw that away, but in this fight I just don’t see Overeem getting caught by Frank Mir. He’s been shocked in his last 2 fights after winning with relative and getting hit with that one blow that put him away, so expect Overeem to fight with more awareness than usual.

You can see in the UFC 169 Countdown video that Frank Mir himself says something along the lines of “I’m not stupid, I know this isn’t looking good for me” and Overeem has all the looks of a man determined to bounce back and prove a point… and trust me he has all the tools to do so.

Not only that but Alistair looks to be in the best shape of his life.

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