UFC 164 Pettis vs Henderson GIFS and Thoughts



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In my opinion UFC 164 was one of the most entertaining night of fights in a while.

Some fights like the Porier vs Koch didn’t seem to get the credit they deserved (I might consider it fight of the night) but this post will be about Henderson vs Pettis and what I think happened during the fight.

Come inside to see GIFs/analysis of the Pettis vs Henderson fight.

Pettis vs Henderson GIFS and analysis

Anthony Pettis took his time at the beginning of the first round to feel Ben Henderson out. There was even a moment where I found myself wondering why he didn’t feel comfortable letting some punches/kicks go.

Henderson was trying to apply pressure and stay inside of Pettis so he would not feel comfortable with his range.

After a couple minutes finally Pettis unloads with a series of roundhouse kicks to the body that may have been some of the best kicks I’ve seen thrown in MMA.



You might say how was that some of the best kicks you’ve seen in a MMA match if he didn’t even finish the fight with those kicks?

That’s not the point… What astonishes me is the fact that Pettis was able to repetitively throw the same roundhouse kick directly underneath Bendo’s arm and hit him hard in the stomach.

Anthony Pettis is able to land these kicks at will against top competition. Now I believe those kicks not only hurt Bendo but surprised the hell out of him. I mean who else have we seen do that to Bendo or any other champion for that matter?

Those roundhouses lead Pettis to catching Ben in this armbar:



I had Pettis winning this fight but not in the first round and defintley not by submission.

I knew Anthony Pettis had the striking advantage and the athleticism to be able to stop Ben Henderson from controlling the fight by clinching/takedowns and also the explosion to get back up on his feet when he was on the ground.

Pettis surprised everyone and he showed that he wasn’t lying when he said he wanted his belt. In my opinion he is the best fighter in the lightweight division and I think he will hold his belt for a long time.

In fact, I think he would beat Jose Aldo decisively.

He has all the tools and his kicks are on another level to his competitors in MA. He really is changing the striking game in MMA and we have to remember it is still evolving.

What did you think of the fight? Did you have Pettis winning and if not were you surprised?

Also how long do you think Pettis will hold the belt for and do you think anyone can beat him in the LW division?

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