TJ Dillashaw vs Raphael Assuncao Rematch on UFC 200 Card

Video Credit: BangMuayThai

Former Bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw will face Raphael Assuncao who defeated him in the year 2013.

I will tell you right now, I don’t know the odds, but as a betting man PUT all your money on Dillashaw.

He is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world today and he will prove it in his rematch against Dominick Cruz.

Yes, Cruz won the fight, but he won the fight by not bringing the fight and being the elusive fighter he is while Dillashaw never changed his gameplan and remained aggresive and in Cruz’s face.

If Dillashaw would’ve pulled a Diaz, stuck out his middle finger, stood in the middle of the octagon and told him “Come on, bitch!” all the momentum would’ve changed and the fans would react and trust me that has a feeling and vibe over everyone including the judges.

He would’ve won the fight, he just came bringing it which is the worst thing to do against Cruz who has a whole octagon to move and juke in.

Instead he stood to his gameplan and played right into Cruz’s game.

Next fight you better believe Dillashaw will make Cruz bring the fight and actually win the fight and to be honest to beat a champion you gotta BEAT a champion, and Cruz didn’t do that, he just out pointed Dillashaw due to a poor game plan. Flame away, but when the day comes the rematch comes, you will all see the truth.

If you think TJ is just some good fighter that became champion your KIDDING yourself, this guy has the whole package and is arguably one of the best pound for pound fighters in the WORLD. But he goes against the same, in Dominick Cruz, so people are quick to write him off or say he’s overrated.

He’s not overrated, he WILL be CHAMPION AGAIN, and if he fights Cruz the right way which means he needs to play less into the fans and aggression and aggravate Cruz, he will win because he is the more mentally and physically superior fighter.

Pound for pound one of the best fighters out there, period. Respect to Duane Ludwig and TJ for keeping it real, theres no snakes theres just some things called gratitude and respect for those who REALLY make an impact on you and your family, and many don’t understand that.



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