The Evolution of CM Punk Full Episode 1

Video Credit: UFC

Yeah that’s right, UFC didn’t wanna give it to you, but I did…here’s the full episode 1 of Evolution of CM Punk.

It may have spanish subtitles and it’s not in the best quality but it’s the full damn episode and it’s good enough, you damn greedy ass mofos.

From this video he has horrible stand up and is stiff as a new kid in boxing the first two weeks, he has no takedown defense, he’s not very athlethic at all, and doesn’t even seem to have any BJJ which is the only thing I wasn’t sure of.

He can’t win in the UFC yet alone in the amatuers even tho amatuer fights can be tough depending on who you fight.

Everyone in the UFC has earned it except it for him and he’s gonna either get KO’d or submitted, there’s no way he even survives a decision, if he does he should consider that a win.

Let me know if you think CM Punk has a chance in the UFC period or against Mickey Gall, I know he doesn’t.



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