The Best GIFS of Jon Jones Vs Alex Gustafsson

UFC 165

Photo Credit: Unknown

Inside i’ve gathered up the best GIFs of all the crazy blows from the UFC 165 main event between Jon Jones and Alex Gustafsson.

A fight I believe Alex won but we’re not going to get into all that inside.

There is the GIF of all the kicks Jones landed on Gustafsson, the devasting elbows, and also all the sick boxing counters Alexander Gustafsson landed on Jones.

Come inside and check them out!

GIFS Of UFC 165 Jon Jones vs Alex Gustafsson

Check out the superior boxing Alex displayed when he counters Jones’ jab by ducking below it and immediatly countering with a left hook.


Notice how comfortable he was in fighting distance and how he just waits and times it perfectly for the counter left hook.

Also notice how Jones turns his head when he gets caught, looks like he’s not too used to getting hit, and to be honest he hasn’t got hit much until he fought Gustafsson so you can’t blame him for that!

Here is Gustafsson landing a uppercut while in the clinch with Jones


Check out this nasty elbow from Jones



And this roundhouse Jones lands on Gustafsson



Here is the takedown that Gustafsson was able to land on Jones (A feat that no one has ever accomplished against Jones)



Check out this beautiful slow motion left hook Gustafsson lands on Jones



Here is Jones landing a spinning elbow


Gustafsson is able to land spinning elbows as well


Here is Jones limping after the fight


Check out both of their faces before the 5th and final round





I believe most of the credit for these GIFs go to SBNation. (If any of the creators of these GIF’s claim credit I would be more than honored to credit, just was not able to locate source.)

So those were some action packed gifs that didn’t even show half of what really happened in the fight but still shows you some of the best moments!

Hope you enjoyed and keep it here at FightStarMMA for more daily updates!



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