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Chael Sonnen on CM Punk vs Mickey Gall, Macdonalds move to Bellator and More

Chael Sonnen says he thought Rory was going to go to ONEFc instead of Bellator, is surprised that Conor vs Diaz 3 won’t happen since theres no bigger fights, and even says Nick Diaz vs Conor McGregor is possible. I truly believe a trilogy with Nate vs Conor will happen, it’s just a money fight […]


Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall ” I Was A Dick When I Was A Kid, I Was A Horrible Person…”

Photo Credit: UFC Uncle Creepy joined Joe Rogan on his podcast where he pretty much discusses how much of an asshole he was growing up. He talks about being in a gang of bully rich kids, hitting on random chicks in front of their boyfriends and being an overall asshole in every aspect of the […]


Video of Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall On The Joe Rogan Podcast: They Discuss How UFC Fans Didn’t Appreciate Mirko Cro Cop And How Great He Really Was In His Prime

Uncle Creepy joins the Joe Rogan Podcast where they engage in some awesome conversation about Mirko Cro Cop. They talk about his legendary fights with Wanderlei Silva, Aleks Emelienko, Bob Sapp, and more! Joe Rogan also goes on to say that Cro Cop was under appreciated in UFC and how fans didn’t recognize how good […]