Sexy Video of Ronda Rousey in Bikini: Maxim Photoshoot Video!



Photo Credit: Paul Buceta

Ronda has become the face of women’s MMA and with a beautiful face comes a lot of different opportunities… Like movies, commercials, and my favorite: Sexy photoshoots with little to nothing on.

I mentioned in an earlier post how Ronda said she only has two years left in her MMA career and lately has begun her transfer to Hollywood much like the other beautiful former womens MMA champion Gina Carano.

Come inside to see Ronda Rousey in a hot bikini in the beach!

Video Credit: Maxim

Call me vain but I might enjoy watching her roll around wearing a bikini more than I do fight… i’m not insulting her fighting skills or women’s MMA, i’m just complimenting her beauty!

Do you think she’s hot? Or overrated since she is naturally compared to other women fighters?

I think she is legitimately a good looking girl and us as fans have been lucky to be gifted with the likes of Gina and Rousey in this time period of women’s MMA.

I mean you really think Dana White would have a women’s division if Ronda wasn’t in the picture right now? I seriously doubt it… What do you think?



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