Salute: Respectful Street Fight Ends in KO and Respect

Video Credit: The Hood

A hispanic and black dude get into a brawl in the hood and it was a pretty decent fight for a street fight.

None of the dude showed signs of any training once so ever, but the hispanic had the better hands which allowed him to win the fight over the much bigger black guy.

He may not have trained before but he’s got decent hands, he stuck his chin out there too much but he used it to bait him and counter him and it worked out for him.

The real reason I posted this video is because I REALLY hate seeing people getting hit while they’re on the ground and unconscious, that can kill people and cause permanent damage, as soon as he dropped the guy he realized the beef was over and went to help him out.

You could tell he genuinely felt bad and has a good heart.

Obviously he knew him before and probably has/had a friendship with him but this a fight everyone should learn from, don’t hit people while they’re down!

Salute and respect to both of these guys.



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