Roy Jones Jr Wants to fight Nick Diaz Video

Video Credit: FOXSports

Roy Jones Jr was in attendance at UFC 168 last night where he told Ariel Helwani that he wants to fight Nick Diaz in a boxing match.

Jones is still interested in the Anderson Silva fight but after the freak accident he said if not Anderson Silva the next guy on the list he wants to box is no other than Nick Diaz.

Now what do I think the chances are of this fight happening?

Very low considering that Roy has been talking about fighting Anderson Silva for years now with nothing coming close to happening and his latest stunt was at Bellator where he was supposed to fight Rampage Jackson and that didn’t fall through neither.

Only thing that leans toward this fight having a little bit of a chance is the fact that Nick Diaz has expressed interest in a big name fight, that’s all he wants. He has recently said several times that he will only come back for a BIG NAME fight like Anderson Silva.

Roy Jones Jr is one of the biggest names in fight game history and is a legend, so if Diaz wants only big fights this is defiantly an opportunity with Roy and if the cash is right I do think Diaz would be down.



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