Rise of a Star: Conor McGregor


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This article is not to just sit here and talk greatly about Conor McGregor, I actually want to analyze and go over what makes this guy so special.

The entertainment side of MMA, has missed out on great trash talkers that brought “the show” and ratings that boxing has.

Throughout the years of the older and established prize fighting world of boxing, we’ve seen guys like Muhammad Ali (who many can argue was one of the sports first great trash talkers), Prince Naseem Hamed, Roy Jones Jr, Floyd Mayweather and many more.

The closest guys you got to that in the MMA would have to be guys like Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Chael Sonnen, etc.

Can you see the difference in the MMA’s group of personality/legacy in their sports in comparison to the boxing greats I mentioned?

Conor McGregor is something the sport of MMA has never seen.

Now let me explain that statement so you can understand.

What Conor McGregor has going on right now (Friday September 26, 2014) is an absolute mystique and aura surrounding him that we really haven’t seen in the world of MMA.

What makes him and this moment so special is that if he loses tomorrow, literally everything that makes him who he is and sell out fights may be lost tomorrow.

But that what makes us want to tune in so bad tomorrow night, regardless if your rooting for or against him.

He has put so much pressure on his shoulders with his claims and beliefs, that you just can’t help but want to tune in to see how everything will turn out.

Tomorrow night, if McGregor wins, the huge wave continues to roll.

We don’t know how long the wave will ride until it breaks but we know that McGregor, at this point and time, will most likely be the UFC’s biggest attraction and star power if he does in fact get the win against Poirier.

If he loses, of course people will still tune in to watch him fight, but he will loss so much more than just the fight, he losses people taking him seriously and believing what comes out of his mouth.

Now when he talks you will naturally not take it in the same, since you already seen him lose and the whole “X-Factor” he brings just won’t be the same.

McGregor is a genius in the way he promotes himself, and to correct myself, instead of saying a “genius”, he’s more of a natural showman that believes in all his own hype.

But also he has put himself in huge risk because to be quite honest, as a business UFC should’ve rode the McGregor hype train for much longer before throwing him in with a real contender and battle tested guy like Dustin Poirier.

What I’m saying is, people will tune in no matter who he’s fighting so there was much more money to be made before risking a loss to not only Conor but the UFC and their ability to close out stadiums with the aid of McGregor’s hype train.

It’s a risky move for both the UFC and the confident irish man, but if it all turns out well for him tomorrow, he will blow up even more and it wouldn’t be a reach to say he will be the UFC’s biggest star.

Now let me get into what makes this guy special, McGregor has a personality that we’ve NEVER seen in the MMA world.

He is highly intelligent in the way he portrays himself, has out of this world confidence and has natural charisma matched with a very unique fighting style.

His stance is wide, he bounces in and out, I would say it’s much like a karate stance coming from a karate background myself.

McGregor’s understanding of striking distance and overall boxing skills are far ahead the majority of MMA fighters today but he doesn’t just settle and stop there, he keeps learning and evolving.

In this video you can see him practicing traditional TKD with a local instructor:

Video Credit: UFC

Joe Rogan also does a good job in describing his striking style here:

Video Credit: JoeRogan/MMA

He has good takedown defense and is overall a great athlete, you can see his picks up on things quickly and has huge belief in himself as a true martial artist.

I’m not particularly a fan of Conor McGregors, but I don’t think anyone can deny that he’s something special. I mean even if you don’t agree with this statement, I bet whats going on in your mind is “I can’t wait to see him get his ass kicked tomorrow.”

McGregor seems to legitimately believe everything he says and it’s almost part of training his mind and making affirmations towards his goals.

What people call cocky and arrogant is part of what actually does give him true confidence inside: He knows how powerful his mind is coming into the fight and trains it just like he and other fighters train their body.

Knowing that he is always in the right state of mind, always confident, feels like he is the best each and every day, that alone is a huge advantage over another fighter that doesn’t use the same tactics or work as hard in training their mind, instead just focused in the physical aspect of competition.

Conor knows that his trash talk and his personality on camera is helping him be promotable, but at the end of the day he’s being himself and what he says is most likely exactly how he feels at that point and time.

This is not no Chael Sonnen, who is playing the cameras for attention and saying crazy things he obviously doesn’t believe, lets cut to the chase here, “trolling” for attention.

Sonnen doesn’t believe in his hype, he’s the type of guy thats smart enough to play the role he needs to play in order to sell. That’s why he describes himself as an the “American Gangster”, in others words politic right?

McGregor believes in his greatness and it’s going to take a loss to Poirier tomorrow for himself and the world to question it.

Yes I know he’s lost before, but that has nothing to do with his mindset right now.

He knows theres no use for doubt or being humble in the fight game, quoting him more or less here: “You have to feel a certain way coming into a fight, nervous, scared, whatever. Why not feel invincible? Why not do the best I can to feel invicible coming into a fight?”

If that changes when or if he losses in the UFC is something to question. But his attitude now is legit and this guy is something special that we haven’t seen since guys like Ali, Prince Nas, Roy Jones Jr, etc.

Check out boxing legend Prince Naseem Hamed, and tell me he doesn’t remind you of McGregor?

McGregor’s confidence may not be from religious views, but you can see the similarities in their mindsets and even fighting styles. They both had similar views towards competition and how they carry themselves.

Now check out one of my favorite Conor McGregor highlights out there and compare to Prince Nas:

Video Credit: GrillTheFace

On another note, the sport of MMA is evolving and fighters will soon open their eyes to seeing they may not be getting the best training they need for MMA.

Basic kickboxing and boxing is essential for MMA, but you must evolve and get better and that’s what guys like Conor McGregor are doing.

McGregor is on another level, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t be beat.

If he gets past what is a huge test in Dustin Poirier tomorrow, UFC dodged a bullet and has a great tool promotion wise that they should use intelligently before throwing him in there with a Cub Swanson or Frankie Edgar for a non title bout.

Fact of the matter is, people are going to tune in to watch Conor McGregor fight no matter who he fights, so they might as well play it safe with him before the title shot.

Because when and if he losses, the aura will be gone and the huge wave we’re all riding may come to a break at the end of the beach that is Dustin Poirier.

Lets face it, he has the potential to be the biggest star in MMA history and to this day has backed up all his talk with nothing but spectacular and exciting performances.

Yes, I know Jon Jones does exist and is undefeated but his character is fake and he seems to still be finding himself every couple of months, he doesn’t have the natural consistent demeanor of a McGregor.

Fact of the matter is, most people don’t dislike Jon Jones because of his DUI, racism, “hating”, or any another of the ridiculous statements people make.

People seem to sway away from Jon Jones because many feel he’s not genuine, seems to be a hypocrite, and is hardly up front about his message, the type to beat around the bush.

Then when he is up front, it doesn’t come off right, to put it into words, Jon Jones doesn’t have personality of a Prince Nas, Muhammad Ali, Mayweather, etc.

When you herd those boxers in interviews, you can tell they meant it and lived by it, with Jon Jones it seems like he decided that morning he was going to be that way and had to beat himself up mentally all the way to the interview to come across a certain way.

Then he finds out that’s not how he wants to portray himself and attempts another persona the next time he’s on camera.

Basically he’s experimenting and learning on whats the best way to come across to the media, while guys who really have it in them are themselves day in and day out.

Doesn’t take away from how great of a fighter he is, I think he has the most impressive record in MMA light heavyweight history personally.

Oh yeah and I’m not “hating”, I’m just calling it how me and many others see it.

Back to the point here, one thing to consider is if you are a Dustin Poirier fan then root for Poirier, but if you are a fan of MMA and UFC, you may just want to root for Conor in this bout because he is exactly what the sport has desperately needed right now.

Not only that, but if he continues winning and becomes champion, he may be the most entertaining martial artist in and out of the cage the world of MMA has ever witnessed.

I know thats a huge claim, but his personality and charisma is something the world of MMA has never seen, while boxing, on the other hand, has already established a couple of legends that we’re not only great at selling fights but also gave exciting performances that made them legends.

I’m not a McGregor fan, but as a HUGE Diaz fan myself, I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve been so crazy to see a fight. (probably since GSP vs Diaz)

The intrigue of what’s going to happen when the determined and tough Dustin Poirier steps in there with a cocky, creative martial artist is at an all time high!

This is a fight for the ages folks, and it’s not even a championship fight.

So enjoy this Conor McGregor hype train while it lasts, because we will rarely see someone with a combination of skill and charisma in MMA for awhile.

What I’m saying folks is we are possibly witnessing the next UFC star and someone that has the potential to be the biggest star in MMA history.

There, I said it.



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  1. Bernie says:

    Conor Mcgregor
    The best entertaining fighter ive watched and will definately be watching again 18/01/15
    Your a pleasure to watch,your predictions are always spot on.
    On the night yet to be anounced when you bring (YOUR) belt home to ireland.i ll definately be travelling from scotland to see you.
    Conor youve got an amazing talent.your an excellent sportsman and most of all your some fkn fighter
    Good luck to whoevers facing you in the octagon.they will need it.
    If your ever in glasgow,look me up i ll show you around.
    God bless mate

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