Rare Nick Diaz Quotes Never Before Seen!

This is one of the best video of describing the real Nick Diaz and what made him have such a strong fan base in the early 2005-2013ish.

Don’t argue about the years here, if you wanna seriously find a problem with that you can find one with anything, THINK about it.

Nick Diaz being Nick Diaz and this is why I’ve always been a fan of him and Nate (before I even knew who Conor was, yet I’m a huge fan of Conor and how he portrays himself, yeah you can be real to yourself and not jump on bandwagons and say someones a sucker just because he lost or because the new COOL thing to do is hate on him, I mean it’s the trend now come on guys, let’s beat the corpse up a little more)

Sorry I went off, I just think the MMA community needs to have common sense and realize these guys are human and anyone can lose out there and you gotta admire EVERYTHING they bring to the table including charisma, showmanship, and fight style. Conor has ALL that and more, and it’s simply the truth, but many people will find a way to argue with numbers that don’t lie for some weird reason.

I really don’t understand it because I’m going through the toughest time in my life and still like to see a real dude shine. You guys are calling him fake because he lost a fight and stepped up to Zuffa (which MORE fighters need to do) and lost and you guys wanna kick him now just like Ronda. I got something I call you people: FAKE.

Hope you enjoy and keep it here at FightStarMMA for some real entertainment, because Ima not gonna hit you up with that MMAFighting bs about some fighter that you don’t care about beat another fighter you don’t care about and heres a picture and fancy sentences.

I’m a fan of Nick Diaz because he keeps it real and ima do just that on my site, not because of Diaz, but because I am who I am and he’s one of the few people’s attitude I agree with. And also because he’s a great brother and keeps blood before everything, he keeps it to blood and gutter, to that one person you wish you had when you ran out of what you thought was everything.

Nick or Nate won’t fall for that and I guarantee they will have each others back before anyones until the death and that’s what being a brother is about.



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