Paige VanZant vs Bec Rawlings Full Fight KO Video HD

Video Credit: UFC

Here is pretty much the full fight video of Paige VanZant vs Bec Rawlings in great HD quality.

It skips towards the end of the first round and straight to Paige’s KO kick win but the first round was a feeling out process for Paige with her just running around and keeping her distance from Bec.

She didn’t do what she usually does, which is bring the pressure and make it a dog fight, this time she used her footwork to sit up a perfect jump switch roundhouse kick.

I’ve been doing that since my karate days and it’s one of my personal favorite kicks to throw.

It really looks like Paige is going to live on to her hype and she seems to be improving and adding new weapons to her MMA arsenal.



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