Joe Rogan Hypes up Carlos Condit vs Demian Maia

Video Credit: UFC

Joe Rogan hypes up (what he does best) the main event this Saturday featuring Carlos Condit vs Demian Maia.

We already know what to expect from Maia, for him to try to grapple the crap out of Condit and go for a submission win.

While with I’m sure with Carlos the gameplan is keep moving, make yourself hard to be taking down, and strike him with elbows, punches, kicks, the whole arsenal that Condit brings together in his very versatile MMA game.

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Video of Brock Lesnar Elbowing Randy Orton at SummerSlam

Video Credit: Complex News

Here is video of Brock Lesnar elbowing Randy Orton on the head, the blows start at around 0:22, they all look safe and WWE scripted until the elbow at 0:29 to 0:32.

I believe it was scripted obviously (no sh*t) for Brock to get on mount position and do some “UFC” ground and pound (lol) but I believe some of Lesnar’s ego and steroid anger got in the way and he actually laid some blows on him at 0:29 as I said before.

Lesnar can be a real asshole sometimes it seems like, from the story of him insulting Chris Jericho which I will cover in a further post to him saying “I’m a jacked white boy, deal with it” while really being on steroids and to him saying Conor’s the size of his leg and that he made more money in UFC 200 then Conor did the whole year of 2016.

I really do believe Lesnar hit him with some extra sauce just to prove a little point on who’s boss even though he lost the match.

The most hilarious part about this is that they fined him 500 dollars, yes 500 dollars, which is like a penny to him when you compare to the average joe.

What do you think? Obviously it was staged but you think he put some extra pudding on it? I most def do, just look at it.

Road to the Octagon: Demian Maia vs Carlos Condit Preview

Video Credit: UFC

Road to the Octagon features Demain Maia vs Carlos Condit and Anthony Pettis vs Charles Oliveira.

I think both fights will be pretty exciting but we all know when Maia fight we have the possibility of a snooze fest unless you really enjoy and understand BJJ.

The thing is I believe Carlos Condit will be able to avoid Demain’s grappling and make this a stand up fight in which Condit will dominate and get the win.

As far as Anthony Pettis vs Oliveira goes, that has the making for a firework fight, I think they will engage in a stand up war with Pettis getting the better and making his statement as a true featherweight title contender. Oh, wouldn’t Pettis vs McGregor be some fun? That could happen in the near future if Pettis has succes in featherweight, don’t count out the former WEC/UFC champ out yet.

It also features the beautiful Paige VanZant vs Rec Rawlings in which I have Rawlings winning but I’d have to do some more research to confirm that as a betting pick.

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MMA Fighters Getting Into Street Fights

Video Credit: TheMontageKing MMA

Check out what happens when MMA fighters get into street fights.

Sometimes they win or sometimes they get real drunk and lose are their fighting skills like Cody Gibson.

Usually the MMA fighter will win the fight even if they are undersized but never, and I mean NEVER, underestimate the power of booze and how it will diminish your fighting skills. (trust me I’ve witnessed it first hand)

Only thing the video is missing is when Roger Huerta knocked out that 260 pounds football player after he assaulted a girl, it was sloppy footage but definitely deserved an honorable mention.

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Conor McGregor tells Nate Diaz after Fight “You’re a True Mexican Warrior”

Video Credit: UFC

Check out what Conor says to Nate after the fight:

McGregor tells Diaz “You’re a true mexican warrior!”

Pretty funny cause Nate is not even really mexican. I mean I guess he is being that I believe his dad that he wasn’t raised with was, but he doesn’t even speak spanish or was raised with the culture.

I will say Nate Diaz does fight like a mexican does and seems to have that blood in him, he fights like most mexican boxers.

At the end of the day they showed each other respect and they’ve been having respect for each other since UFC 196 even though most people don’t believe that.

Respect to both of them!

Song of the Day: Training Motivation Music Mobb Deep Win or Lose

Here I go again wether I win or lose.

Another day another dollar, if it’s about getting money then you can give me a holla my nose running!

I love the beat on this song and it’s great to shadowbox to cause it got that rhythm to it that makes you move right, you can shadowbox right to this beat perfectly. I also like this song cause it doesn’t make you too angry, instead it’s uplifting but still motivates you to go out there and get it.

I actually enjoy listening to a lot of music that makes you emotional and angry but sometimes you need something like this that just gets you feeling right yet still motivates you.

When training I think music is the most underrated thing, I hate going to a boxing gym and they have no music playing or some lame music with no rhythm, I mean boxing or stand up in general is all about rhythm so having a song with some rhythm does nothing but help you.

Why you think Floyd, Roy Jones Jr, and almost every fighter is always training with some music in the background?

Damn: Spinning Kick KO Highlight Reel

Video Credit: Martial Art Show

Sick spinning kick video that includes fighters like Michael Page, Uriah Hall, Stephen Thompson, Raymond Daniels and more.

Isn’t it funny all the fighters I named come from karate backgrounds? I guess karate isn’t a joke after all.

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