Live: UFC Fight Night Vancouver Q&A featuring Stephen Thompson and Joseph Benavidez

Video Credit: UFC

Enjoy live Q&A with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, Joseph Benavidez, and Elias Theodorou.

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Nate Diaz Takes You Around His Hometown Stockton 209!

Video  Credit: Ultimatem MMA

Nate Diaz drives you around his hometown of Stockton, California. Yeah I’m talking the 209, What?!

He drives the man around while he tells stories about how crazy it is that there’s now a photo of him on the wall after his 200 victory over Conor McGregor while taking pictures with fans there, talks about how tough it is growing up in his hometown, and even talks about backyard brawl stories that his brother Nick hosted and how he got the better of local street knock out king “Bart” and how defeating him gave him the confidence he needed for MMA.

It’s a pretty interesting place and it seems like it’s a low populated town that just economically isn’t doing too well, I don’t know if I’d say it’s any worst than any big city in general but what do you think about Stockton? Anyone live there?

Do you think it’s worst than big cities like Queens, Compton, Tampa, Miami, Baltimore, etc?

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This is My Damn Brother: Nick and Nate Diaz Highlight

Video Credit: Team Diaz

You already know we built this site off repping the Diaz brothers and got your support through their support.

We always represent Diaz bros on here and if you ain’t down with the Diaz bros then you ain’t down with us.

Shout out to Team Diaz on the badass video.

Before it was cool to like Nate just because he beat Conor’s ass, we we’re sitting with The Diaz Corner in 2013 when this website launched.

Dana White says There Will be No McGregor vs Diaz Trilogy for Now

Video Credit: UFC

Dana White talks with Matt Serra and says he wants to see Conor go back to his natural weight and claims a trilogy won’t be happening anytime soon.

I think Diaz deserves it because he gave Conor a rematch right away, even though of course he did because of the cash involved, we all know he’s not getting paid that money fighting anyone else. I believe Nate got 2mil for UFC 202.

Anyways, Dana wants to see McGregor vs Alvarez or it seems like he wants him back to go to featherweight.

Who would you like to see McGregor fight? I think a rematch with Jose Aldo makes the most sense if not Nate Diaz, I mean he has to defend his featherweight title someday. Then after that, he can go after the LW belt.

TJ Dillashaw also thinks he needs to get his rematch with Dominick Cruz or “this isn’t even a sport no more”, which I pretty much agree with. It’s either him or Cody Garbrandt.

Anderson Silva vs Daniel Cormier Real Full Fight Video HD

Video Credit: UFC

Here is the real full fight video in HD quality of Anderson Silva vs Daniel Cormier brought to you by yours truly.

UFC 200 had some freak shows, one of them being Hunt vs Lesnar but this was really the biggest freak show of them all with Middleweight Anderson Silva going against LHW champ Daniel Cormier.

I thought the fight was pretty exciting because every time it was on the feet you we’re waiting for Anderson to land that one shot that you always know he’s capable no matter how old he is or how many fights he’s lost now.

Either way UFC and Dana White did a great job replacing Jon Jones with a fighter that everyone would wanna tune in to see and I’m pretty sure they brought in Brock Lesnar just to show Conor McGregor who’s boss. (Pretty much saying “Hey not matter what you do, if we want to sell a card, we can sell it.”)

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Chael Sonnen on UFC 202 Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz

Video Credit: MMA Podcast

Chael Sonnen weighs in on the UFC 202 card and says he doesn’t know who won between Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor.

He also says Anthony Johnson is the most scary dude in the UFC, which I totally agree with, and also compares him with Mike Tyson. (A little far fetched but at the same time he’s definitely the closest in MMA to Tyson.)

Sonnen has received a lot of criticism because of his PED usage, acting like he didn’t tap to Anderson, and all his “American gangster” antics, but at the end of the day the guy’s pretty fun to listen to.

It’s been rumored Chael Sonnen might make a return to the octagon, if he did who would you guys like to see him fight? I personally would rather just hear him keep talking, that’s what he’s best at, I really wouldn’t care too much to see him fight again but that’s just me.

I rather see that trilogy between Diaz vs McGregor! It’s all set up perfectly for it to happen, but first McGregor’s GOTTA defend that featherweight title already.

Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt Real Full Fight Video HD

Video Credit: UFC
UFC 200 featured a highly anticipated match with one of the best HW strikers to ever step foot in the octagon in Mark Hunt facing a roided up WWE monster in Brock Lesnar. (Yes, we he was roided to the gills as Mark Hunt stated before the  fight)

I’m not going to talk about the fight just in case you happen to be living under a rock and don’t know what already happened.

In that case, I will talk about the steroid situation and I do believe Mark Hunt has a point that fighters should be punished for PED use, I mean if someones gonna do it then Hunt should be allowed to do it too. Why is it banned if he’s just going to do it and face little to no penalty in which is what it looks like might happen. Either way it doesn’t matter to Lesnar since he can go make an easy living in WWE while Hunt needs to continue to fight for his life in MMA.

Either way, a lot of people say Hunt should stop complaining about it but he has a point. My personal point is if you’re going to suspend MMA fighters for something as silly as marijuana they should definitely be suspended for a long time for PEDs.

Anyways enjoy the  full fight video of Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt in HD.

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