Anthony Pettis vs Charles Oliveria Interview and Preview

Video Credit: UFC

Anthony Pettis and Charles Oliveria both gives their thoughts about each other and what they are expecting this Saturday.

Following the Weigh-Ins that you can see below, Oliveria looks to be in better physical shape but Anthony Pettis is the more seasoned and experienced fighter…I mean the guy was lightweight UFC champion.

With that said, I think it’s going to be a striking war that will end in a Pettis win. I expect Anthony to mix it up well since he’s been training with Greg Jackson and come home with a decision victory. Just take the bet though, Anthonys sitting at around -190 which is a good value pick.

Who do you got winning this fight?

UFC Fight Night Vancouver: Condit vs Maia Weigh-In Video

Video Credit: UFC

Here is the Weigh-In video for UFC Fight Night Vancouver: Condit vs Maia.

Now it’s time to treat all my fellow gamblers out there and you give you my personal betting predictions for this card!

I got Joe Lauzon beating Jim Miller again, Paige getting the win over Rawlings, Pettis beating Oliveria, and finally Condit getting the win over the higher ranked welterweight Demian Maia.

Only fight that worries me a bit (well they all worry you as a betting man) is Pettis vs Oliveria, Charles looks a lot bigger than Anthony in the weigh-ins and I don’t know how Pettis will react to this weight cut. I still have him winning and he’s been working with Greg Jackson which is a good sign.

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Internet Boxer Charlie Z gets owned by Pro Boxing Champ Deontay Wilder

This is hilarious as it starts off with Charlie Z calling Deontay Wilder (I have no clue how he get his personal number) and challenging him while rambling insults and telling him that he would destroy him.

He then rambles on about how he taught gang members to fight in jail and therefor that means he can beat a champion boxer, not only champion, but a 6’7 heavyweight champion.

I am starting to believe he’s no troll at all and has mental illness.

After we see the aftermath of what happens when they actually met up for the fight (I can’t believe Wilder agreed to this, how does he have time for this?) and him getting destroyed.

Do you think this guys a troll or he’s got legit mental illness?

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Condit vs Maia, Rawlings vs VanZant and Oliveria vs Pettis Open Work Outs

Video Credit: UFC

Check out the open work out highlights that feature Carlos Condit, Demian Maia, Anthony Pettis, Charles Oliveria, Bec Rawlings and Paige VanZant.

I’m personally looking forward to Pettis vs Oliveria the most out of this whole card just because it’s going to be the featherweight debut for Anthony Pettis and I’m very interested in seeing how does being that he’s hasn’t been looking all the great dealing with that weight cut this whole week.

If Pettis does perform well and get the win, expect him to be right there in talks in top of the featherweight division, I remember this guy was lightweight champion in both UFC and WEC defending the title!

What fights are you looking forward to most this Saturday?

Carlos Condit talks Retirement, Says Diaz Bros are Like Zombies, and More

Video Credit: MMAFightingonSBN

It’s pretty sad that a fighter at Carlos Condit’s caliber needs to worry about a living after giving his life and spirit to MMA for practically his whole life now.

But at the same time, Condit’s a smart guy and I think he could get paid coaching fighters or even work as an analyst with the UFC after.

Condit talks about the criticism Conor is receiving for “running” from Nate and compares it to his situation against Nick, and he even goes as far to saying that the Diaz bros are like zombies.

I don’t think the way Conor fought against Nate is the same as how Condit fought against Nick. I mean Conor actually was fighting him and going blow for blow with Nate, only “running” to catch his breath. On the other hand, Condit had a game plan to not exchange with Nick the whole fight and never really exchanged with him, he just ran around the whole fight and picked his shots.

Conor provided a much more exciting fight in my opinion and Nate deserves credit for that as well.

Road to the Octagon: Paige VanZant vs. Bec Rawlings Preview

Video Credit: UFC

Paige VanZant vs Bec Rawlings is one of the fights I’m most looking forward to this weekend.

I always enjoy watching VanZant fight, not only because she’s obviously beautiful but she’s also one of the scrapppiest WMMA fighters in the UFC.

She loves to push the pace, bite down on her mouth piece and attempt to break her opponents with her will, not something you’d expect from a girl as pretty as Page.

Bec Rawlings has been fighting since 2011 and is 7-3 and is going for a third win when she’s face Paige VanZant who is coming off a loss to Rose Namajunas.

Joey Diaz says Conor McGregor Won at UFC 202

Video Credit: Joey Diaz

Joey Diaz weigh ins on UFC 202 and gives us his opinion on Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2.

Even though Joey’s been a fan and avid watcher of the UFC for awhile, I don’t think he’s the most educated or avid fan in the world, just look at how he pronounces Carlos Condit’s name at 6:54 and him mixing up Nate and Nick’s name at 1:53.

He’s been a big time hater of Conor McGregor but believes Nate Diaz won.

I think Joey’s hilarious and appreciate his comedy and his features with Joe Rogan but I don’t think he knows much of what he’s talking about.

At the same time I do agree that Conor won the fight, it was close but I gave Conor rounds 1, 2 and 4, even though round 4 was very close and could’ve gone either way.