Forrest Griffin talks How Conor McGregor matches up at Lightweight and More

Video Credit: UFC

Forrest Griffin talks Conor McGregor, Cody Garbrandt, Anthony Johnson and more.

He says Conor McGregor would be fairly well sized, not too big not too small, which I totally agree with.

Forrest also says Conor would’ve knocked anyone else at lightweight out with the shots he hit Nate Diaz with and you can’t argue with that being that Nate probably has the best chin in the lightweight roster along with Eddie Alvarez.

I think Conor will have trouble with anybody with a real wrestling pedigree but I wouldn’t count him out of any fight. Khabib will most definitely give him trouble along with Eddie Alvarez but I think matches up with Alvarez much better.

Official: Rory MacDonald Signs to Bellator

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Rory MacDonald has officially signed to Bellator even though he hasn’t signed the contract yet. UFC has already released him from the UFC welterweight rankings.

MacDonald is going to be a huge addition to Bellator and one of their biggest stars now. I can’t wait to see how he matches up with current welterweight champion Andrey Koreshkov.

Andrey has a very impressive record of 19-1 including a win over former UFC lightweight champion Ben Henderson.

How do I think MacDonald vs Andrey will go? I think Rory will win the fight for sure and become the title holder in Bellator for awhile. I think he deserves an immediate title shot because let’s be honest, Rory only losses to the top fighters in the UFC.

Remember he rag dolled one of the hottest named in the UFC right now Nate Diaz, even though welterweight is actually not Nate’s natural weight even though a lot of people think so since the latest fights with Conor.

Paige VanZant Beating Up Guy in Open Workout

Video Credit: MMAFightingOnSBN

Well obviously she’s not really beating up on a guy but I bet she can take on your average day joe that’s untrained around her size.

She looks pretty impressive in the open work outs and I do believe she will beat Bec Rawlings. Her grappling looks great as usual and her striking is becoming more and more fluid every fight. I was impressed with her pad work she’s slipping and moving and even though she’s not the most powerful she has the ability to strike with Bec if she has to.

But at the end of the day Paige’s keys to victory for me is to make Bec fight her fight, which is a dog fight.

She needs to press her against the cage and make it a grappling match, keep pressuring her and stay OUT of striking distance. Rawlings has some pretty impressive striking and most would consider that her speciality. As long as she can keep the pressure on her and make it a grappling match, I see Paige the betting favorite at around -225 winning this fight.

Carlos Condit talks About What It’s Like To Be a Fighter

Video Credit: UFC

Carlos Condit seems to really appreciate fighting unlike guys like Nick and Nate Diaz.

He talks about how his anxiety goes up and down while he’s in training, sometimes he feels awesome and then sometimes he feels down and goes as far as to wondering if he even belongs in the octagon.

Carlos says once fight week comes in he just gets into the vibe of everything and relaxes and then he flips the switch the twitch when he gets walks into the octagon.

Condit talks about the adrenaline rush you get fighting in the UFC and then once you get in there it’s just time to go!

He is 30-9 in his impressive MMA career and is coming off a loss to Robbie Lawler where he fought him for the UFC title. Carlos is around -125 as the betting favorite against Maia and I got him winning the fight.

Conor McGregor Brings Us Into His Perspective at UFC 202

Video Credit: The Mac Life

This video is pretty damn sweet as Conor’s camera man shows you what it’s like to be in Conor’s shoe as he prepares to fight Nate Diaz.

One thing you gotta respect about McGregor is that he always comes to fight. You can dislike him if you want but trust me this guy is being true to himself even when he does his outlandish trash talk, the guy means what he says and is doing the best for not only himself but the sport.

If you think Conor is not helping the sport grow you’re kidding yourself. He is one of if not the most exciting fighters to ever step foot in the octagon and when he fights you’re sure to tune in.

I think Conor has a legit chance against Eddie Alvarez even though Eddie doesn’t present one of the biggest weapons we’ve seen effective against McGregor, wrestling. I would like to either see a rematch, him go down and defend his featherweight belt, or see him fight for the UFC title at lightweight to become a two division champ.

Frank Mir vs Josh Barnett Real Full Fight Video HD

Video Credit: UFC

I remember watching that fight live at Dave and Busters and being like “Wow, Josh Barnett could actually make a run at the heavyweight title”.

Obviously he never won the title and probably won’t again but I’m pretty sure he will always be a top fighter in the heavyweight division as long as he’s fighting.

The fight was very exciting that finished way earlier than I expected it too, I thought the fight would take place on the ground since they are both famous for being great grapplers but it ended in a great stand up war!

There was come controversy in the fight being stopped but a fight is better off stopped early than it is late, especially for the health of the MMA fighters.

Hope you enjoyed the full fight video and keep it here at FightStarMMA for the best entertainment on the net and internet gems you won’t find anywhere else like this!

Carlos Condit explains why He Loves to Fight, His Loss to Robbie Lawler, and More

Video Credit: UFC

You gotta believe Carlos Condit when he says he loves this sh*t, I mean he’s brought it in every single fight he’s already been a part in besides the Nick Diaz fight.

Yeah I’ll say it: 1,2,5 homies!

Alright back to the subject, Carlos Condit talks about his close loss to the champion at the time Robbie Lawler, why he enjoys fighting so much, and says that he thinks Demian Maia is a real tough match up for him.

I got Carlos Condit winning this fight by keeping the fight standing up as much as possible, like he did against GSP, and opening up on Maia with his wide variety of strikes!