Nate Diaz chills with Snoop Dogg

Nate and Nick Diaz chill with old school rapper Snoop Dogg.

Ever since Nate’s win over Conor, his fame has sky rocketed and has now been seen hanging out with a bunch of celebrities.

I guess Conor ain’t lying when he see’s he changes your life when you fight him.

But let’s be honest, if Nate wouldn’t have beat his ass that first fight none of this would be happening. Nate deserves it.

Chael Sonnen on CM Punk vs Mickey Gall, Macdonalds move to Bellator and More

Chael Sonnen says he thought Rory was going to go to ONEFc instead of Bellator, is surprised that Conor vs Diaz 3 won’t happen since theres no bigger fights, and even says Nick Diaz vs Conor McGregor is possible.

I truly believe a trilogy with Nate vs Conor will happen, it’s just a money fight that the UFC will keep in it’s pocket. They don’t wanna risk that fight and have Conor lose, which it is now clear that Nate was not lucky, he is a hard match up for Conor to deal with.

They will have Conor go on and fight, he’s an attraction either way, and they will save the Nate Diaz trilogy for later when the timing is right and the timing is not now.

Video cliffs: Rory MacDonald is at the start, 2:10 Conor McGregor vs Nick Diaz talk, 7:34 Overeem vs Stipe Miocic, and 8:50 CM Punk.

CM Punk Exclusive Sparring Video

The light sparring begins at around 20:23 so just skip to that point in the video unless you want to see him drilling.

CM Punk doesn’t look good but he most definitely looks a lot better than how he looked sparring in the Evolution of CM Punk series.

His jab and right hand look a lot better and he’s way more fluid and less stiff then he was. I still don’t think he stands a chance against Mickey Gall but it’s improvement.

He’s also not looking down on the ground and shelling up when he gets hit which is a great sign, a lot of beginners when they start striking look down when they get hit and turtle up, something he was doing before.

You guys think CM Punk has a chance against Mickey?

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor Host Pool Party Day after UFC 202

Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz both hosted a party of their own the day after UFC 202.

Conor McGregor did the same thing as well and both of the parties we’re packed and wilding!

Which party would you have attended if you could?

I’d definitely be with my boys the Diaz brothers wilding out drinking me some coronas!

But I got love and respect for Conor and his party looked fun as well.

Eddie Bravo says Nate Diaz won UFC 202 vs Conor McGregor

Video Credit: JoeRogan

Eddie Bravos has Nate Diaz winning UFC 202 vs Conor McGregor.

To be honest with you I can see where he’s coming from.

Even though I dont disagree with the decision, it was far from a unanimous decision. If the fight kept going, you could see the pace at which they were moving, Nate was not slowing down while Conor was clearly doing enough to survive and fight back. Nate was the aggresor pushing the pace and simply looked like if the fight kept going, if someone would put their money on Conor that was lost money.

Diaz wasn’t slowing down and we all know they have triathlon cardio. Now you could argue Diaz 3,4,5 but the truth of the matter is 4 is the questionable round that could’ve went either way. In round 3 Conor looked to be fading but bounced back and had a respectable round 4. I think Diaz could’ve definitely won but it was such a close fight that I can’t argue with Conor’s decision.

Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon Real Full Fight Video

Video Credit: UFC

This is the real full fight video of Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon. Like I said the day after the fights, FightStarMMA has your back!

It was a real exciting fight that was close and could’ve really went either way.

I thought Joe Lauzon did enough to win the fight the way he closed off the last round but Miller showed better stand up and dominated most of the striking exchanges.

Who’d you have winning the fight?

Crazy Wannabe MMA Fighter Almost Fights Bodybuilder Rich Piana

Video Credit: ProphetMuscle

This crazy wannabe MMA fighter that calls him “Prophet Muscle” and preaches to random people about the importance of not doing drugs, how your food is killing you and challenges random celebrities on the streets tries to fight huge body builder Rich Piana.

The man doesn’t seem to good in the head and after this he made a video challenging Rich Piana to a fight in which Rich accepted and then Prophet just disappeared off the interet for months. I guess he didn’t wanna fight him as much as he acted.

Piana would probably handle this guy being that he’s a lot bigger and stronger and trains a little bit of MMA even though he can’t throw a punch correctly.

Either way the dude Prophet has been charged with stalking already and has a criminal record.

You already know, just doing what we do here in FightStarMMA, showing you INTERNET GEMS like this that you won’t find in any other site! I mean why else do you watch MMA but for entertainment, so unlike them other sites that fed you all that BS, I give you NOTHING but entertainment all day you won’t find no where else!