Machida Drinks Sexy Reporters Piss!

I know the title sounded like some twisted fetish but no Machida simply likes to drink piss…

Well he regulary drinks his own pee in order to provide himself with nutrients and vitamins.

I guess he doesn’t get along too well with GNC huh?

J/k nothing against the man and his drinking habits.. Who am I to be talking anyway….

I drink piss without the vitamins when I’m broke and depressed and make a stop by the store for some good old Walgreens Big Flats Beer…well not so good… but does the trick sometimes when you need it right? I guess no ones with me, nevermind!

But I can’t help but say he shoulda drank more before his fight with Phil!

I kid, I kid and yes I do believe Machida shoulda got his hand raised but that’s a different subject.

Anyways check out the video!

And Machida hope you come back strong, big fan but the pee thing is a little weird haha!

Funny Moments in MMA: Nick Diaz showing off His Kar-aaate and Giving an Extra little Jab after The Bell

Nick Diaz is one of the most entertaining fighters i’ve ever watched.

From his weed smocking habits, to the kill or be killed attitude he brings into and before the fight with his oponnent all the way until he ends it with a hug of repsect after the war is over.

He is very unique and has provided some awesome moments in MMA.

Not the longest our the best quality but certainly made me chuckle:

Nick what would this sport do without you?

Love um or hate um you gotta admit the man provides entertainment it’s finest and I really hope he returns to the octagon sometime soon!

Jon Jones: “Cormier rather be Famous than Work Hard”



Cormier and Jon Jones have been beefing since they exchanged words in UFC 121 where according to MMAFighting Jones basically said he looked like a wrestler and Cormier responded by saying he was the best wrestler he’s ever seen…

Jones then says “Well, maybe you get the cauliflower ear on the other side and maybe you can get a takedown against me.”

Now this is before Jones was even champion but he was rising through the ranks rather quickly but still Cormier being a  2008 captain of the U.S. Olympic team found it rather insulting.

Come down to see the interview from Jones on his on going beef with Cormier:

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Shogun Training with Freddie Roach for Sonnen Fight


Shogun is one of the few veterans left over from PRIDE in the UFC and he is still in my opinion one of the top contenders for the LHW belt.

That may be an overstatement considering Jones holds the belt, but if you are like me and been watching Shogun since his PRIDE days you know how devastating of a striker he can be… not to mention his nasty ground and pound.

Anyways, it’s awesome to see an old school fighter still looking to expand his game and even though I’m not a huge believer in pure boxing for MMA, Freddie Roach really looks to be sharping up his hands.

Come down below to check out the video

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