Only Sport That Gets Paid Less than MMA? Aggresive Inline Skating

So MMA is pretty notorious to fans and the athletes that compete in it for being low paying compare to other sports.

But I found one sport that might be as risky and also very entertaining and doesn’t pay as well: Aggresive Inline Skating.

I used to be a skateboarder growing up and people would call these guys “fruit booters” in skateparks. How can you not respect someone having fun just cause you don’t agree with it? That’s most silly sh*t I’ve ever seen. I think what they do is gangsta as f*ck and this video is amazing.

Look at the way they move out there, it looks like total freedom and it seems like if you are used to skating and have some athleticism/agility going on you can get pretty good at this quick unlike skateboarding which takes years.

Although I’m pretty sure both take balls and skill, I mean I don’t think you can just jump on a rail and start grinding. Anyways, aggresive inline skating is a dying sport and the athletes don’t get paid well at all, I don’t even believe they get to compete in the X-Games no more.



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