Nick Diaz vs Marius Zaromskis Real Full Fight Video

Video Credit: UFC

This is one of Nick Diaz’s fights when he was on his incredible winning streak dating all the way from Elite XC through Strikeforce where he won 16 fights in a row if not counting the loss to KJ Noons because of a cut the fight had to be stopped.

I mean you can name a bunch of incredible Nick Diaz fights like his war with Gomi, Paul Daley, or his win over BJ Penn but this one goes underrated.

At the time Marius Zaromskis aka The Whitemare was on in incredible tear and was destroying people with high kicks to the head and was known as a vicious striker.

Instead of taking him to the ground and using his Gracie BJJ, Nick decides to keep it standing and strike with the dangerous striker putting himself in danger. That’s exactly what made Nick into the superstar he is today, he would go against people with the same game plan, box you up and tire you out and go to war!

Nick was easily the most exciting fighter in that time period in my honest opinion and all his fights we’re basically the same, he never game planned like GSP trying to take the striker to the ground and taking advantage of their weakness. Instead he would strike with champion kickboxers like Paul Daley, I mean just watch the video and enjoy a masterpiece at work!



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