Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta

Video Credit: MMA Edits

How the hell can I not post this badass highlight video that features basically the full fight video highlights of the best moments in the Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz fight.

To be real, I’m a little disappointed Diaz didn’t apply that pressure he’s known for and really push for the finish but I understand where he’s coming from and at the end of the day i’m mad proud of my boy.

He held it down, played the game right, and did all those antics that make guys like me love um.

In the first round when he got down on his back and told Anderson to jump at him and then after got against the cage (mocking what Anderson does to his opponents) I seriously went nuts in disbelief and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I thought since he was so respectful heading into the fight that he would wait for Anderson to initiate the trash talk, but my boy had to go ahead and get that sh*t out of the way real quick.

Like I said I think Diaz could’ve won this fight if he would’ve applied more pressure but he also could’ve been knocked out, so all in all Diaz provided an entertaining fight and I’m proud of him. He did what he had to do to make an entertaining fight and not put himself in to much danger against arguably the best fighter in the world Anderson Silva.

Keep it G D! And shout out to MMA Edits again on knowing the perfect song to how Diaz approached that fight.



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