Nick Diaz Highlight With Punk Rock Music Offspring “All I Want”


Photo Credit: SciFighting

This is another one of my favorite Nick Diaz highlights that I always watch when I want to get in the mood to train.

I don’t know why I like it because honestly it’s not the best Diaz highlight out there but something about the song and the pace of the video seem to match perfectly especially with Diaz’s punch combos.

The highlight mostly includes Nick Diaz’s amazing fight with BJ Penn when he first returned to UFC from Strikeforce and boxed Penn up to a unamious decision victory.

If you like Offspring or punk rock in general you will enjoy this almost unkwown Nick Diaz tribute video

Nick Diaz Highlight with Offspring “All I Want”

I love how fast that video is with the music it matches perfectly, somehow this video always gets me amped up and in the mood to train.

Check out my favorite Nick Diaz highlight and in my opinion the best one out there, it includes Nate Diaz as well!

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