Nick Diaz Fight Video Highlight vs Takanori Gomi and Carlos Condit “Hits From The Bong”


Nick Diaz was hardly recognized and not even rated in the top 20 when he fought Takanori Gomi as a HUGE underdog in PRIDE back in 2006 when Gomi was rated as the #1 pound for pound fighter in the world.

Not only did he destroy Gomi but after the fight he tested positive for so much THC that many concluded he was high as hell during the fight!

So much for weed slowing down your reaction time huh? Atleast in Nick Diaz’s case since were all different….

Come inside to check out this sick highlight of Nick Diaz with the song Hits from the bong as it shows him dismantles Gomi!

Nick Diaz Highlight Hits From The Bong

Video Credit: MMA Critic

Who do you think won the Diaz vs Condit fight? Yeah I know everyones over the fight but I wanna know what everyone thinks anyway.

Let me know in the comments below!

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