Nick and Nate Diaz are Triathlon Training Weed Smoking Raw Vegan Kick Ass Fighters


Nate Diaz is a unique fighter that approaches the game differently than most.

To begin with, Nate is the little brother of Nick Diaz and has followed his footsteps very closely.

Nate has said he began eating vegan since 18 years old and now trys to eat mostly raw foods.

Nate and Nick Diaz also compete in triathlons which fuels the insane pace their able to maintain in their fights.

Come inside to see Nick Diaz speak on his raw vegan diet, weed smoking and more

So Nate and Nick are pretty much two of the same characters. Closely bound brothers that train triathlons, eat raw vegan and kick ass for a living.

They both have a bad attitude they bring before all their fights and are savages inside the octagon. Or ring when Nick was fighting in PRIDE.

Well, something else that makes them special is they both smoke weed openly and believe it helps them out in their training.

Check out this video where Nick speaks on his weed smoking habits and MMA fighters on drugs.

He believes it can be the healthiest thing someone does in a day and he says weed actually expands the lungs.

Here is what Joe Rogan (who is also famous for his public use of marijuana) has to say about the Diaz brothers… he also talks about their nun chucks skills here!

Video Credit: Joe Rogan

Check out Nick’s nun chucks skills:

Video Credit: Middle Easy

So love um or hate um there’s no one else like these two and I doubt their will be in the future.

In my opinion they are two of the most unique and exciting fighters in the world.

What do you think about the Diaz brothers? Can’t stand them can’t get enough of them?

Let me know in the comments below!



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