New: 09/24/13 Gilbert Melendez Talks About Future of Diaz Brothers and Speaks On Their Recent Actions


Photo Credit: UFC

Gilbert Melendez and the Diaz brothers are not only sparring partners but close friends as well.

They train together as the same team “Scrap Pack” and always speak highly of each other.

Inside Melendez talks about the fight that was offered weeks ago  to Nick Diaz vs Machida, Nate vs Gray Maynard 3, what happened to Nate in his fight with Ben Henderson, also why he lost to Josh Thompson and more!

Gilbert Melendez Talks Whats Being Going On With The Diaz Brothers

Video Credit: FightHub

It’s nice to see Gilbert’s loyalty to his teammates/friends and I like that he always talks nothing but good things about the Diaz brothers.

I hope to see the Diaz bros back in the game soon but it looks like they’ve been busy lately, Nate has been doing seminars and I’m not sure about Nick.

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