Nate Diaz tells Conor’s Coach “F*ck you and your Gameplan” in Middle of Fight

See this hilarious video of John Kavanagh explaining what Nate Diaz told him in the middle of the fight.

I think Conor’s coach has a pretty good sense of humor to not only show respect for Nate Diaz and his chin, but also tell this story of him telling McGregor to “Stick to the gameplan” and in midst of all the madness, Nate Diaz looks over and says “F*ck you and your gameplan”.

Nate always keep it gangsta and he didn’t fail to do that at UFC 202 even though he lost.

Kavanagh also explains that in the first fight Conor was walking him down but in the 2nd fight Diaz was walking him down and eating the left hand which means he was walking into the blows but it still didn’t phase Diaz which made him “a bit scared” for McGregor.

He also claims that this may be the hardest fight of Conor’s career, I respectfully disagree, I think a high caliber wrestler with a full training camp will be the hardest fight of Conor’s career.



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