Nate Diaz Takes You Around His Hometown Stockton 209!

Video  Credit: Ultimatem MMA

Nate Diaz drives you around his hometown of Stockton, California. Yeah I’m talking the 209, What?!

He drives the man around while he tells stories about how crazy it is that there’s now a photo of him on the wall after his 200 victory over Conor McGregor while taking pictures with fans there, talks about how tough it is growing up in his hometown, and even talks about backyard brawl stories that his brother Nick hosted and how he got the better of local street knock out king “Bart” and how defeating him gave him the confidence he needed for MMA.

It’s a pretty interesting place and it seems like it’s a low populated town that just economically isn’t doing too well, I don’t know if I’d say it’s any worst than any big city in general but what do you think about Stockton? Anyone live there?

Do you think it’s worst than big cities like Queens, Compton, Tampa, Miami, Baltimore, etc?

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