Music Work Out Motivation: E-40 Choices

Video Credit: E-40

Some of us wake up, we turn on the computer, may be down on our luck or good on our time but either way there’s always ways to advance.

What I’m saying, any of you wanna get bigger? Any of you wanna money? Anyone wanna get smarter? Anyone wanna work on their craft? Wanna train and be the best?

EVERYONE got choices, some of our situations are more screwed than others, but end of the day no one going to do anything for you.

So you gotta find a way to go out and do yours, and look at the value of each and every move, compare it to where you at? Is it worth it? Could it get worst? ALWAYS.

Appreciate it what you got, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, what you can make better in a smart way do so, but if it’s good let it be.

And you wanna be the best, go FOR IT, anyone can be (of course you gotta be born with a certain part of that in you),  and highschool football/basketball/baseball etc. Remember you get one chance, not another after high school, don’t wait for someone to tell you how and what to expect.

Expect EVERYTHING, be AGGRESSIVE shine on the field and get out and shine on the school yard, but never leave nothing for your future.

Hope I hit someone and let them know how this world really goes down, again, it’s situational for most.



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