MMA Laughs: “Let Me Bang Bro!” Guy from TUF, One of The Most Hilarious Moments in Reality TV History

This has to be one of the most hilarious moments in the history of reality television.

The fighters name is Julian Lane and I remember watching this live on ultimate fighter and watching it seriously all the way through until the other guy comes into the scene trying to calm him down and then Julian says “Let me bang bro”, in which he responds ” I do….. I do let you bang bro…” and then you see what looks like the spider man actor Toby Mcguire (actually is Mike Ricci) staring like “What the hell is this?”

Today it provides as a legendary quote that many hardcore MMA fans know and say in forums around the web.

By the way if you just want to skip right to the moment it starts around 49 seconds in.

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