MMA Fighters that Drink Beer: Donald Cerrone loves Budweiser

Video Credit: UFC on FOX

Donald Cerrone has to be one of the most unique personalities in MMA today.

It’s hard not to like the guy, especially if you’re like me and enjoy a cold beer every once in awhile.

Cerrone says he tried doing everything correct and following the diets and lifestyle that most successful fighters live by on a daily basis, but he says it’s just not him!

He was on losing streak when he was trying to do “what’s right” but now he’s won 5 fighters in a row by just being himself and living the way he wants to live which includes doing hobbies like these all the way to fight night: horses, riding bulls, and drinking beer.

Don’t let this video fool you, hardly anyone can get away with drinking beer on a daily basis while being a successful fighter at the same time because not everyone just doesn’t give a sh*t like the Cowboy!



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