Is Weed a PED? MMA Fighter Matt Riddle and Joe Rogan Talk Marijuana and If It Can Help With Training for Athletes in Combat Sports


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I think marijuana and MMA is a real interesting subject because some people say it is bad for an athlete most especially a fighter, while others like Joe Rogan believe it can be super beneficial.

Matt Riddle was caught with marijuana in his system for the 2nd time after his fight with Che Mills that Riddle originally won by split decision but was then ruled a “NC” due to the failed drug test by Riddle.

Riddle was released by UFC following that Mills fight and is now fighting with Bellator.

Anyways inside is a video of Joe Rogan and Matt Riddle weighing in on weed and MMA where they voice their different opinons on weed being a PED.

Come inside to see the video and also my opinion on how marijuana can in fact help you in training for combat sports, etc… You don’t want to miss this post get in here!

Joe Rogan and Matt Riddle Discuss Weed as a PED, and Joe Rogan Talks About How Marijuana Can Help With Training

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Riddle says in the video that he doesn’t really think marijuana helps him with his training, but it just calms him down since he describes himself as an extra hyper person.

Rogan on the other hand says that it helps him and he knows many other BJJ practionors that use it to their benefit when learning and training grappling.

Joe also says it numbs the pain which will obviously help in any combat sport. I don’t know how much I agree with that because adrenaline also decreases the feeling of pain and the affect of numbing from marijuana is not going to help you not get knocked out if you get hit in the button like Matt Riddle said.

Riddle also goes on to say marijuana doesn’t numb any pain and he doesn’t smoke before fights, he says he uses it during training camp to help him get better sleep and recovery.

Matt Riddle says weed is not performance enhancing at all, and I tend to agree with him to a certain extend.

I believe both Rogan and Riddle have a point, Rogan can be more vocal since he is not an MMA fighter.

Riddle is obviously not going to go on rambling about how it helps him focus so much more and pay attention to detail because that will make it seem like a performance enhancing drug, so he doesn’t want to give that off because he disagrees with it being illegal especially since he resides in the state of Nevada where you can legally smoke weed.

Matt Riddle probably knows just as well as Rogan does that weed can enhance your attention to detail and focus, and cause you think in a different way which is more detail orientated so it could help with learning and perfecting BJJ moves.

Like I said Riddle isn’t going to say that in a public interview because that would be contradicting his point that he should not be suspended/fined for testing positive for marijuana, which I agree with.

My opinion on smoking weed and training is that it can be different for everyone. As I stated before, it can help you go through the motions slower and in more detail, calm you down and help you really get into what your doing instead of just going through the motions. But at the same time, it may not have that effect on everyone and I don’t think it’s a good idea to compete or spar hard while high.

I don’t think you will be at your full potential reaction wise, and it’s just not the best thing in my opinion for hard sparring or a fight. In an intense situation where you’re getting punches thrown at your face, it can be overwhelming at times if you feel high.

I think when Rogan says it enhances grappling and feel while on the ground is because they are learning technique.

But at the end of the day everyone is different and there are many that think Nick Diaz was high during his fight with Gomi, which he boxed Gomi up and submitted him with a go-go plata. Joe Rogan says that the amount of THC in Diaz’s blood after the fight means he was indeed high during the fight with Gomi. We really don’t know for sure but check out Rogan talking about it in my other post here.

Hope you enjoyed and what’s your take on marijuana and training? Think it’s silly that the athletic commission tests for it? Or do you agree with it being illegal in MMA? Let me know in the comments below!

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