Miesha Tate: ” I Used To Hate Ronda, But Not No More…”


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In an interview with MMATorch, Miesha discusses many things including her hate for Ronda Rousey.

If you don’t know already, Tate already  and Ronda already squared off last year in the Strikeforce womens championship where Miesha lost by armbar.

Now Miesha will be coaching against Ronda in TUF and the two will face off in UFC 168. (Check out the video sneak peak here!)

They have been talking trash to each other for awhile now and Ronda Rousey has gone as far as saying she could beat up Miesha Tate’s boyfriend, UFC  Bantamweight Bryan Caraway.

Check out what Miesha had to say in the interview inside…

Here are some of the highlights from the MMATorch Interview:

Walker: Obviously your opposing coach is Ronda Rousey – who is not someone you seem to like much – does that dislike build during the course of the show?

Tate: Surprisingly I think the constant exposure to Ronda made it easier to see through her and laugh off the insults rather than feeding into them. I used to hate Ronda Rousey, but I don’t anymore, I actually appreciate having her as a rival and I wouldn’t want to change i

Walker: Dana White is a pretty imposing figure, perhaps the most powerful man in MMA, how is it having him as a boss?

Tate: Dude he is the coolest boss I’ve ever had, no matter how busy he is – and he is a busy man – he keeps it real all the time, he is so down to earth and he will never promise something and not do it. The thing I love about the UFC to is they really go above and beyond with things like fighter bonuses and things; like I just got a brand new pimped out super charged custom Range Rover for coaching TUF, I mean how cool is that? They don’t have to do things like that, but it’s their way of showing appreciation for the fighters, not all bosses appreciate their employees.

Walker: Would you still say as before that her striking game is unlikely to be a big part of your rematch?

Tate: I think Ronda likes to believe her striking is something special. She might look better on the mitts than when she first began MMA but she’s still so afraid to get hit, it’s clear with how desperate she bull rushes for takedowns she wants no part of the standup game. She won’t want to stand with me.

Walker: You’ve been with Bryan Caraway for a long time now, do you two feel that your occupations make the possibility of having a family more difficult?

Tate: My job definitely doesn’t support being pregnant (laughs) but neither do I right now, so I’m totally ok with that. I’m in no hurry to have kids, I’m actually undecided if I even want kids at this point.

Walker: Ronda Rousey has taken a lot of time to attack your boyfriend verbally – do you think that is just a part of her gameplan to get inside your head?

Tate: I think she gets a lot of attention for doing it and she’s somewhat of an attention whore so she continues bashing and berating him. He’s apologized publicly for the one and only time Ronda could have taken personal offense to what he said, it was well over a year ago, so at this point she’s become quite a bully.

Once again check out MMATorch where you can read up on more of the interview!

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