Miami Backyard Brawl Video: Muay Thai vs Street Fighter

muay thai vs street fighter chutiphat rungsawang

The clip your going to see or already saw is seriously one of my favorite fight videos I’ve seen in a long, long time especially out of street fights.

This is literally something out of a movie, a Muay Thai guy vs a street fighter with some obvious fighting experience, probably an ex amateur boxer.

The muay thai fighter has a crazy style and he almost fights as if he was drunk, but don’t get it confused with drunken boxing, he’s a muay thai guy for sure!

The music goes amazing with the whole sequence of events from the KO’s to the epic comeback, all thanks to GenghisConFilms who does an amazing job recording and editing check him out! The muay thai fighter is with UFC lightweight fighter Jorge Masvidal, you can see him cheering and shouting out tips in the background.

I love sharing amazing videos like this because we strive on bringing you exclusive underground videos that most people aren’t even aware of… that’s what FightStarMMA is all about, the video only has around 2k views but it deserves 1m+.

Come inside to see one of the best street fights you’ll ever see in a backyard brawl, it really is an amazing sequence of events straight out of a movie!

Epic Street Fight: Backyard street fighter vs Muay Thai fighter (Skip to 2:48 if you don’t have the patience and want to just see the fight, but you should just watch the whole video if you have the time, again 2:48 is the part YOU MUST watch)

Video Credit: GenghisConFilms

Wow, for a second I thought the street fighter was going to KO him which would’ve been a huge upset because the muay thai fighter is Chutiphat Rungsawang who is the head Muay Thai instructor at American Top Team!

Pro fighters Jorge Masvidal and Alexis Vila were both there joining their muay thai instructor as he fought in that backyard brawl.

Like I said I believe the “street fighter” had some boxing experience and wasn’t just a street fighter but still… and that’s just me judging by what I saw from him in the video.

I hope you enjoyed that because this fight had me on my toes wondering what was going to happen like a masterpiece movie… and that’s what FightStarMMA is all about brining to you those clips you won’t see anywhere else!

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