Mark Hunt vs Big Foot Antonio Silva Full Fight Video Highlights

Video Credit: FOXSports

The main event of UFC Fight Night in Australia delivered with what could be the fight of the year between Mark Hunt vs Big Foot Silva.

They both went at each other hard and both nearly had each other finished, but somehow it lasted all the way through 5 rounds and the judges ruled a draw for both fighters!

Incredible fight and outcome, I’m sure Dana White is already thinking of setting up a rematch because everyone would watch it!

Big Foot almost had Hunt finished once while on top mount raining down punches and elbows, but he was so tired that he just couldn’t keep busy enough to have the judges stop the right and Hunt was saved by the bell.

Hunt also was surprisingly able to get on top of Big Foot on the ground and land some big shots, he looked very comfortable in Big Foots guard and had no problem being there.

Great fight and I really think the judges go it right with a draw, it was way too close and wild of a fight to know who won!

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