Mark Hunt Goes Against UFC, Cusses Out Brock Lesnar

Video Credit: MMAFightingSBN

Skip to 3:20:18 to hear the only person you probably care to hear, Mark Hunt (oh yeah other than Chael Sonnen who appears at 1:06:29.)

Mark Hunt goes off at Lesnar which he has been doing on social media since Brock got caught with PEDs aka steroids.

I agree with Hunt, if you’re going to cheat then let them all cheat or just don’t.

Ever since USADA came into UFC we’ve seen more and more fighters getting popped for juicing and they don’t take away purses while they punish guys like Nick Diaz 5 years for weed.

The only thing is silly and I believe Hunt deservers to be “salty” like you guys like to say.

I think the fighters should stand up together, it’d be cool to see the Diaz brothers and Hunt join to start a Fighters Association.

Whats your opinion? Are you one of people think thinks he’s “salty” while he goes out there and lays his ass on the line for his family or what? If you are I think you’re part of population I don’t like but you can still visit my page. Hit one of them clicky on the side too for me.



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