LOL: Dan Quinn Legendary Video “Welcome to Abnormal Tattoos!”

Video Credit: Dan “The Legend” Quinn

This is one of my favorite youtube videos of all time and another of the legendary gems that I promise to deliver you and that you will find in NO other MMA website out there!

Dan “The Legend” Quinn, former Notre Dame football star and MMA fighter playboy, no sh*t.

Put it like this, home-boy, if Dan wasn’t screwed over by whats his face, umm Notre Dame’s coach at the time, he would’ve been the face of the NFL.

Gotta love Dan’s boy Shaderack rapping while he’s in the background shadowboxing and the little girl is dancing, you can tell this type of sequence/environment is nothing new to her.

Got a problem? Don’t call Saul Goodman, call Dan f*ckin Quinn!

How this video only has 3k views is beyond me, this is legendary…

Enjoy the laughs and keep it at FightStarMMA for the best MMA and OVERALL entertainment on the web.



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