Lil Boosie Going Through Some Things Music Video

Lil Boosie is a living legend, why do they gotta die for us to appreciate them?

2pac, Biggie, whoever dies becomes legend when they die.

We need to keep their legacy and what they’ve taught us forever but we got real legends out here we can actually appreciate and support for who they are.

I don’t believe being a fan of anyone, I believe in respect and if that same man I respected doesn’t respect me back it’s a wrap, but as far as rappers goes Lil Boosie one of the REALEST in the game.

Did his time like a man and from the start to finish he’s always rapped about what he was going through and kept it real, but if you can’t relate to him he’s a hard guy to pick up on.

But a lot of MMA training motivation can be found by Lil Boosie so if you want a new artist to add to your work out routine check more of his music, I’ll keep you guys posted.



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