Legends of MMA: Kazushi Sakuraba- Highlight It’s A Beautiful Day


This is the man known as the Gracie hunter.

He defeated Gracie after Gracie in a time where their last name alone carried an invincible auru to them… an auru he broke.

A fan favorite in Japan and won many MMA fans over with his heart and unorthodox approach in the ring.

You never knew what he was going to do or how he was going to attack, he was unpredictable and in a fun sort of way.

Check out  one of my favorite highlights of all times inside.

This highlight still gives me goosebumps

As you can see in the highlight, he has such a different approach to fighting than what we see today. He was so creative in his attacks.

He also utilized top notch catch wrestling skills and was one of the top grapplers of his time.

I will always remember Sakuraba as a true legend of MMA.



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