Kanye West kicks Mike Tyson Out of His Seat at UFC 202

Video Credit: TMZ

According to Skip Bayless, Mike Tyson was sitting in Kanye Wests seat at UFC 202 and Kanye stood there while Tyson said “Hey, I’m out” leaving the seat.

Dana White took care of him and had him sitting in the front row right next to him so it turned out better for Tyson.

Sorry to report lame TMZ news but this is the only news I can find on the story.

I wish Tyson would’ve punched Kanye West’s ass back into the old 2005 Kanye West, cause this one is weird and conceited as f*ck.

Mike, where you at homie? We need the old you back. (On a serious note he’s mature now and isn’t looking for trouble but come on wouldn’t have it been awesome? I’m sorry but I don’t welcome Kanye fans here)



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