Just Released: Check Out The Real Video of the Uriah Hall vs Jason Mayhem Miller Fight/Confrontation at Casino


Original Photo Credit: Unknown

Finally video of the Jason Miller and Uriah Hall scuffle at the Commerce Casino in California has been released.

As you will see in the video inside, Mayhem lives up to his nickname and instigates it pretty much all until Uriah Hall throws a right hand which Miller dodges I think accidentally (luckily for him and unfortunate for us).

Come inside to check out the video of the fight between Uriah Hall and Jason Miller

Video of Fight between Jason Mayhem Miller and Uriah Hall

Video Credit: MMAInterviews

Would’ve been great if he connected  but at least we got some video action of this Uriah Hall – Jason Miller fight we all been hearing about that turned out to be nothing but an argument and a punch that gets separated.

Jason Miller seems to be really giving a conscious effort to being as big of an asshole he can be, maybe to keep him name relevant or he’s really just like that? Not sure why do you think Jason Miller has been starting so much trouble lately?

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